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TeamSG battled NFFR (Russia) to a 5-5 draw, to keep their hopes alive in the 2021 Women's World Floorball Championships!

by Circle News posted on Nov 29, 2021 08:29:05 AM

(TeamSG at the Women's World Floorball Championships 2021 : Image extracted from Live Stream)


By Gracia Sengutuvan


Having lost 4-3 to Estonia in their opening match on 28 Nov, Team Singapore knew that they needed a good result against NFFR (Russia) in their 2nd Group D clash. And on 29 Nov in Uppsala (Sweden), it was an exhilarating performance by TeamSG at the Women's World Floorball Championships. The game was closely contested from the outset, with both teams going goal for goal - ending in a thrilling 5-5 draw! 

The match began rather slowly with both teams trying to size each other out with careful attacks. After a few shy attempts, NFFR took the first lunge at Singapore, 5 minutes into the game. A miscalculated pass by Singapore allowed NFFR’s Diana Buevskaya to set the shot u...

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