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Sport Industry to get Singaporeans active through Active Enabler Programme

by Circle News, on Apr 8, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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As Singapore introduced stricter safe distancing measures to contain community transmission of the COVID-19 virus, SportSG launched a national call for the sport industry to come onboard to create innovative home-based activities and programmes in the months of April and May for Singaporeans to stay active and united as part of its annual GetActive! Singapore campaign.

GetActive! Singapore has brought Singaporeans from all walks of life together to bond and celebrate National Day through sport since 2016. Over the years, its Active Enabler Programme had supported over 1000 ground-up projects from individuals, corporates, community groups and schools. This year we invite Sporting Singapore to create and deliver innovative digital content and virtual activities for Singaporeans of all ages to enjoy at home while meeting their need for exercise to stay healthy and fit.

“SGUnited through sport and physical activity will uplift households and communities in these challenging times. We want to unite with our industry partners to bring their expertise and experience to develop engaging and fun content that will enable Singaporeans to stay active and socially connected online. Sport professionals and businesses can also take this opportunity to develop new capabilities, alternative service delivery channels and business models to better equip themselves for a new generation of digitally savvy sport participants. In starting the GetActive! Singapore campaign now, we also want Singaporeans to not just stay active and healthy, but resilient and united as One Team Singapore even when we are physically apart,” said SportSG CEO Lim Teck Yin.

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The Active Enabler Programme (AEP) will have a total grant budget of $2mil. Its first call for proposals will be launched on 9 April 2020 for digital content and virtual activities to be introduced in the months of April and May to help Singaporeans stay active at home and socially connected.

Themed “GetActive!@Home”, proposals could cover online infotainment videos, physical exercise and movement series, talkshows, workshops covering a wide spectrum of health and wellness topics, and/or virtual activities such as games and challenges that can be enjoyed either individually or among household members. With technology as a key enabler, the possibilities are limited only by one’s creativity and imagination.

Sport professionals, coaches and fitness instructors and businesses in the sport industry, such as event organizers, event management companies and gym or studio operators are welcomed to submit proposals that can promote an active lifestyle, health and wellness within the safe distancing guidelines. Selected proposals will receive up to 100% support. All projects must comply with the latest COVID-19 advisories and guidelines.

As Singaporeans adjust to staying home for work and play and many sectors are put to the test during this trying period, we hope the Sporting Singapore stakeholders will take advantage of this grant to transform the way they deliver their services, while at the same time join in the campaign to unite in the fight against COVID-19.

The ActiveSG Circle

Additionally, Sport Singapore is partnering the sport industry through our latest initiative, The ActiveSG Circle, a virtual super sport club platform. Through The ActiveSG Circle, we will develop capabilities for now and the future, for live and virtual service delivery and commerce, leveraging on network technology and data. The ActiveSG Circle will be first introduced during Get Active! Singapore 2020.

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Information on the GetActive! Singapore 2020 AEP GetActive!@Home grant will be available from 9 Apr 2020 at Submission portal will be open from 14 April onwards.


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