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Get Active! First Light! [EP 110] | Cardio Exercise

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Getactive!@home - Self Defence with SPS Sun XueLing

Learn some self-defence moves with SPS Sun Xueling!

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Fun-ctional workout with advisor Lee YiShyan

Join Advisor Lee Yi Shyan and ActiveSG Sport Champion Sayyid in this fun-ctional 30 minute workout session! This workout can be done easily at home with a yoga mat or bath towel!

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Get Active! First Light

The Get Active! First Light Masters & Seniors Fitness programme is specially designed for masters and seniors to stay active and healthy at home. Each workout is a short 30-min session with easy movements. Jio your parents and grandparents to join us and getting fitter!

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Rise and Shine

The Get Active! Rise and Shine programme is designed to keep you active and healthy at home, with a renewed sense of energy to go about doing your daily activities.

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Kickback with Kelly & Barbara

Join us as we talk about what's trending online, ways to amuse your kids at home, along with guests appearances from the health and entertainment industry while Kicking Back with Kelly & Barbara!

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The Afternoon Stretch

The Afternoon Stretch programme is designed to get you off your seats while working from home, to keep you moving and avoid a sedentary lifestyle while staying at home.

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Evenings with John and Duncan

Join Singapore sports presenters and hosts John Yeong and Duncan Elias as they hit up Team Singapore athletes staying at home during Covid-19 #CircuitBreaker to find out what they are up to and how they are keeping themselves entertained.

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Wot'cha Cooking

Join Ben Logan and our Sports Nutritionists from Singapore Sport Institute as we explore a tonne of yummy food recipes - because who says that healthy food can't taste good?

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Seniors workout

Ah Gong and Ah Ma! Here's something for all of you to do at home! Let's get active together!


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Active SG 建身晨运 第一集

Here's another simple exercise to do at home! Let's get active together!

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