Safeguarding in Sport is Everyone’s Responsibility

What is Safe Sport?

It is defined as “an athletic environment that is respectful, equitable and free from all forms of harassment and abuse” (International Olympic Council’s Consensus Statement, 2016).


The 5 forms of Harassment and Abuse

Harassment and abuse can be expressed in five forms, occurring in combination or in isolation.


These five forms can occur concurrently or in isolation. While harassment and abuse may be deliberate, unsolicited and coercive, it often stems from abuse of authority or power by an individual against another. It can be based on any grounds, including race, religion, colour, creed, ethnic origin, physical, attributes, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, socio-economic status and athletic ability. It can happen in person or online.


Why is Safe Sport important?

To build a safe and abuse-free sporting environment

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Find out how and where you can report an incident

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Efforts in Safe Sport

Check out the latest updates and efforts for Safe Sport

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Safe Sport Commission

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Safeguarding Officers

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