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Table tennis reimagined!
We’re bringing the game to you.
Jio your friends and your family.
Play it outdoors.
Let the fun begin.
Come play some TTX!

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The rules are simple- here’s a quick snapshot!

1. TTX is timebound. A single set is 2 mins long. Play a best of 3 sets or however long you want to.

2. No rules for how to serve, so freestyle it and serve it your way! The ball just needs to touch your side of the table once, before going over the net. Score a point when your opponent serves incorrectly or fails to return your ball.

For the full set of rules, download the TTX rule book.

Rule Book

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The Outdoor Table Tennis ball is heavier than the average table tennis ball and it has the best possible flight features in windy conditions.

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The hardness of the racket blade offers better control over the heavier ball and is perfect for the recreational players.

Where to find the equipment? 

For loan, click the where to play tab. 

We have 55 outdoor tables deployed island wide for you to enjoy a game of outdoor table tennis. Find the nearest table to you by clicking onto your preferred area. The loan of paddles and balls are available at the venue. No booking is required, and it is on a first come first serve basis.

More than just a game, pick up your racquet and start playing with your friends and family!

pong tag

Pong Tag For Youth

This Game is a combination of Tennis and Tag. There will be 2 players in each team. When a player serves, another player will run towards their teammate (who is standing 2m away from the table) and exchange position. The other teammate would then run back to the table and serve the ball back to the opponent. Team will score a point when the balls passes over the end line without touching players court or opponent fails to make a correct serve/return. 

rally away

Rally Away For Seniors

2 players in one team playing against another team. 1 point will be given when each team can rally for 30s without dropping the ball. Each team take turns to attempt a 30s rally. The team that score the first 3 points wins.

super shots

Super Shots For Families

2 players will stand across each other. They will pass each other the ball along the width of the table all the way to the other side. Once they reach the end, either players will hit the ball inside the cup. If successful, they will score a point.

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