SportSG’s new initiative of ‘Blended’ is birthed in the challenging times where the black swan of COVID-19 has brought about major disruptions to our sports industry.

‘Blended’ is essentially about re-imagining the future of sports events, of re-imagining the physical and virtual worlds merging seamlessly together.

‘Blended’ calls for courage in embracing new mindsets, growing new core capabilities and creating new business models. 

‘Blended’ demands the acceleration in driving innovations and adopting technology to transform the larger industry. 

Most of all, ‘Blended’ rallies the spirit of collaboration and coming together as a community.

SportSG invites you to join us in the re-setting, re-imagining and re-inventing the future of sports events.

A Phygital Experience

"With Blended, we are redefining our approach to sporting events by encouraging organisers to combine physical and digital elements in sport. This gives sports businesses the impetus to use technology to transform their offerings into "phygital" events that deliver a more interactive experience for participants."
Mr Alvin Tan
Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, and Ministry of Trade and Industry on the official launch of 'Blended'
"We want to see greater digitalisation in the industry and hope that 'blended' will contribute in setting the pace for the transformation of the sporting industry and encourage the development of innovative and fun ways for the community to play Sport and stay active."
Dr Chiang Hock Woon
SportSG's Deputy Chief Executive
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What's On Blended

Conquer the Fort_Web

Fort Canning Run

The Fort Canning Run takes runners around the iconic Fort Canning Park. Hidden in the park is a runner’s playground. Hills, undulating terrains, steps, steps and more steps!

Join the run to explore an area steeped in heritage and discover a new running route right in the heart of the city.

Date: From 21 Nov 2020 to 17 Jan 2020

This event has ended.



The Singapore economy is facing a recession as part of the fallout from the effects of the global pandemic, and many Singaporeans are facing an uncertain employment future.

Leaderboard is a new initiative aimed at helping Singaporeans and Singapore companies survive the current recession. It will involve online and offline activities to leverage on the popularity of virtual sporting events, a comprehensive digital community, and a strong network of stakeholders.

Date: From 7 Dec 2020 to 4 Apr 2021

This event has ended.

MetaSprint Main Visual

The MetaSprint Series Singapore

Race stress free at your own pace and your own time in the DIGITAL events, using our racing app, or join the ORIGIN aquathlon, duathlon or triathlon the traditional way*.

*Social distancing measures will apply.

Date: From 23 Jan  to 11 Apr 2021

This event has ended.

Run For Light_Web

Run for Light 2020

Run For Light has been supporting Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd (GDS) as part of its core mission to raise awareness for guide dogs in our fast-paced community. The holistic aim is to enable fully sighted participants to feel and empathise how visually impaired individuals navigate through busy places on a daily basis.

Come join us for this year's event as we strive to "Light Up The World" by inspiring the public to stay positive, safe and healthy!

Date: From 1 Dec 2020 to 21 Mar 2021

This event has ended.




District Race 

This is not a virtual run. This is a mission to rediscover your city.

From November 20 - December 30, virtual checkpoints and challenges will be live across all of Singapore. Simply open the District app to find checkpoints near you, and collect them to score points and work your way up the leaderboard. Walk, jog or run - just get active. 

Join District Race Singapore 2020 presented by MSIG, and rediscover the beauty of this country we call home!

Date: From 27 Oct 2020 to 13 Mar 2021

This event has ended.

Love in 10 icon

Love in 10

In celebrating Valentine's Day, come support us in this love campaign by simply burning 200 calories for 10 days!
Upon completion, a care package full of essential items will be sent to an elderly in need. With your help, we can show our aging population that they are not forgotten and still cherished and loved by fellow Singaporeans.

Date: From 14 Jan to 14 Feb 2021

This event has ended.

Love to Bond - Main

Love to Bond

Bond with your family and friends this December by participating in a range of activities from walks with The Flying Dutchman, cooking with Jamie Yeo and exercising with Pororo!
Embrace the new normal with these exciting activities and kick start your healthy lifestyle with a mix of virtual and outdoor activities. On top of spending time together, participants will also stand a chance to win attractive giveaways.

Date: From 1 Dec to 31 Dec 2020

This event has ended.

Looop Sportsg (Hires)


An active lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym all day.
Looop seeks to provide an interactive and fun way to motivate people to live actively wherever they are. Come and win rewards, climb up the leaderboard and explore your surroundings while keeping fit!
Let’s get moving!

Date: From 11 Dec  2020 to 31 Mar 2021

This event has ended.

SGUnited Health Jigsaw Main visual o 240 x 174

SGUnited Health Jigsaw

The SGUnited Health Jigsaw aims to encourage the community to connect and exercise together while adhering to social distancing protocols. We hope to foster bonds and build the SGUnited spirit through this programme, especially during this difficult time. 
This programme allows families and friends to complete various physical challenges together from the comfort of their homes and the outdoors. Participants will have to film their team completing these challenges. This programme will also be run in schools across the nation. 
We empower the community to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Date: From 1 Nov 2020 to 31 Mar 2021

This event has ended.

Ad Teaser Small

SWOT Mission

SWOT is an innovative event platform whose mission is to create awareness of building a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment for everyone through sports and wellness. SWOT allows participants to select their own workout mission (walk, run or cycle) and their corresponding assigned destination/venues. Each mission requires the participant to complete a certain distance in order to redeem rewards & incentives from these destination partners/venues.

SWOT collaborates with eco-friendly destination/venues partners from the F&B, Arts & Cultural Heritage sectors with the aim of supporting these local businesses.

Date: From 1 Nov 2020 to 19 Dec 2020

This event has ended.

Supernova Fitness Picnic

SUPERNOVA Fitness Picnics

A picnic of fitness with celebrity iconic teachers.

We’ll start with a strength session to build lean and tone muscles, then get to a stretch sesh to stretch out all those muscles you’ve burned and improve mobility. Then we’ll wrap up with a sweet ending of soothing meditation and breathwork. The picnic is also infused with refreshing cold pressed juices, energizing protein smoothies and delectable teas for your ultimate fitness day out!

Date: 23 Jan to 17 April 2021
This event has ended.

Zoomba Logo 240x174-01

Zoomba - Singapore's Longest Zumba Relay

Zoomba is an attempt to create Singapore's Longest Zumba Relay Record in Singapore's Book of Records. 
Hosted by fitness personality Sharina Bynes, the event features 7 of our favourite Zumba instructors - Venue, Ahmad Yunus, Kyon, Wen Jie, Kai Lee, David and Melissa. 
Expecting more than 200 participants onsite and over 5000  participants online, this event will run for 7 hours long!
Join us and be a part of this record breaking feat together as #SGUnited!

Date: 14 Nov 2020

This event has ended.

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