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Corporate Membership and Partnership

Corporate Membership

A healthy workplace means having happier staff and a productive workforce.

Let us work with you to enhance organisation dynamics and create an active and healthy workplace culture through sports and fitness anytime , anywhere.


Benefits of becoming a Corporate member with ActiveSG

By becoming a member, not only will you enjoy corporate rates and advance bookings for programmes and facilities, we can work together to create a positive experience for you and your employees through the various types of sport and fitness activities according to your organisation's needs.

  • Cohesion

 Build team spirit and foster relationships through regular physical activity and sports.

  • Organisation Dynamic Development

Learn a new sport, develop your techniques through our Sport Development Programmes and even compete at our annual Corporate Sports Competitions.

  • Care For Health

Embark on your fitness and health journey through Active Health and get Expert's advice on how you could live life to the fullest.

  • Fun Rest and Recreation

Celebrate with us at our annual SportSG events and/or enjoy a day out with your colleagues through Team Nila Corporate volunteering opportunties.

  • Individual Wellness

Keep fit whenever and wherever at any of our ActiveSG gym and pool facilities island-wide.

  • Corporate Gifts and Rewards

Have a Corporate Event coming up and not sure what to gift your employees? Select and customise ActiveSG Gifts to show your appreciation to them.


Want to know more about our Corporate Packages?

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