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Fast and Easy Testing (FET) Regime

(Updated 18 Feb 2022) Fast And Easy Testing (FET) Regime For Sport And Fitness Sector

As announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce on 16 February, the Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) regime had served as an important part of our strategy to facilitate early detection and containment of transmission in the community.

From 18 February 2022, the FET RRT regime will be streamlined to focus only on settings catering to vulnerable groups. In view of this, all workforce under the FET RRT for sport and fitness sector, will no longer be required to continue testing from the stipulated date except those who are employed by or as third-party vendors in entities eg. preschools, early intervention centres, and private education institutions catering to vulnerable groups such as children below 5 years old, will still be subjected to RRT.

As we move to streamline RRT to those in vulnerable settings, we urge individuals to continue to exercise personal responsibility and conduct regular self-testing, especially prior to visiting crowded places or interacting with vulnerable groups during this period. Companies that have remaining kits that were already distributed to them for RRT are strongly encouraged to continue testing until the test kits are fully utilised.


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