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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find schedules of the National School Games broadcast?

Broadcast schedules will be uploaded to the National School Games homepage every Friday for the upcoming week.

Full Games schedules and results can be found at the MOE website.  


2. My preferred sport is not being broadcasted.

We appreciate your interest in the National School Games; however due to a variety of considerations, we may not be able to provide broadcasts to all sports.

We will continue to provide a wide coverage of the Games with a mix of full match livestreams, highlight videos, articles and photo coverage.

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3. Can I go on-site to watch the Games?

The Ministry of Education is looking into allowing in-person student spectators at some of the competitions in a few weeks' time. However, the public's understanding is sought as this will be done in a manner and scale which continues to ensure the safety of student athletes and our school community, and does not strain the capacity of NSG organisers who have been working hard to ensure the Games can be conducted safely amid the pandemic.


4. How do I show my support for the participants of the National School Games?

You can post well-wishes for friends and family at the fanzone.


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