Active Enabler Programme 2022

Active Enabler Programme (AEP)

As part of the GetActive! Singapore (GASG) Campaign, the Active Enabler Programme (AEP) encourages members of the public, communities and corporates to come forward and play a part in celebrating Singapore's 57th National Day through sports and physical activities.

“GetActive! Singapore 2022 returns with sport and active play on National Day. Together, we celebrate a stronger Singapore through sport, Majulah!”

What is AEP

AEP supports innovative, ground-up /community-oriented initiatives that encourage everyone to celebrate National Day through sport, demonstrating sports as a "force for good".

Interested applicants can apply for one of the following grant categories:

Grant Category Funding Quantum
Project Grant Up to 90% of the qualifying costs or up to $10,000, whichever is lower
Mass Event Grant Up to 90% of the qualifying costs or up to $50,000, whichever is lower
Endorsement Nil. However, the event will be marketed as part of the GASG 2022



Mandatory Criteria for all grant categories

Applicants must meet the following to qualify for consideration:

  • Event/project consists of a Sporting and/or Physical Activity element
  • Event/project that is organised and completed in Singapore during the GetActive! Singapore 2022 period
    • 18 April - 31 August 2022 for Walk/Run projects and events
    • 23 July - 31 August 2022 for other types of events
  • Event/project exhibiting sustainability in line with the Green Plan 2030 (Refer to MSE environmentally friendly event guidelines)
  • Event/project incorporating National Day celebratory elements (For events held from July onwards)
  • Event/project incorporating the Active Health warm up (For events held from July onwards). Download your Active Health warm up here
  • Compliance with prevailing SMM measures. You may refer to the Latest Safe Management Measures for Sport and Physical Exercise & Activity for more information.
Additional Mandatory Criteria specific to individual grant categories
Grant Category Mandatory Criteria
Project Grant
  • Event to target at least 50 participants

Mass Event Grant - Walk/Run
  • Event to target at least 200 participants

Mass Event Grant - Sports other than Walk/Run
  • Event to be open to public
  • Event to target at least 200 participants


We will be looking out for proposals that demonstrate:

  • Acts of care which include, but not limited to, offering volunteering platforms to give back to the community, rallying participation and contribution behind a good cause, implementing sustainable green initiatives for the event
  • Outreach to a large audience to “Bring Sports back”
  • Comprehensive event management plan and relevant experience to execute the plan
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Amplification of project on social platforms by doubling your outreach with views/likes/shares
To qualify for funding support, all proposals must be non-profit in nature. In addition, cost items funded via other grants/sponsorships will not be supported. Applicants are reminded to specify the breakdown of each line item in the AEP budget proposal document.
 Funds for project and mass event grants will be given in 2 tranches:
  • 1st tranche: 50% upon approval
  • 2nd tranche: Up to 50% upon verification and meeting target no. of participants (KPI) and submission of all required documents (post event report, statement of accounts and all relevant supporting documents)
  • Applicants should note that if KPI is not met in full or there is underspending of grant amount, then a clawback of disbursed funds (1st tranche) may be required.

Qualifying cost items include:

  • Fee and Materials
  • Professional Services 
  • Direct operating costs  
  • Marketing and Publicity

Non-qualifying cost items include:

  • Expenses incurred outside of Singapore
  • Expenses incurred for crowdfunding events
  • Expenses incurred for personal transport, food and beverages
  • Expenses incurred for any form of religious/political activities
  • Event/project prize(s), including cash, vouchers, and other equivalents
  • Photography and videography
  • Capital expenditure
  • Insurance
This list is non-exhaustive, with examples detailed in the FAQs. Sport Singapore reserves the right to reject cost items that do not meet the objective and eligibility criteria of the grant.

Application Details 

Application Period: 31 March to 29 May 2022

Please apply through the OurSG Grants Portal (OSG), which allows applicants to apply for government grants for arts, community, heritage, sports and youth in one place. Applicants need to register with either SingPass or CorpPass.


For more information on the OSG, please refer to either the “Help” section within the OSG, or the user guide here.

Want to know more about AEP or have questions for us? Sign up for a session now!

The 'Active Enabler Sports Expertise' aims to support you in your organisation of a fitness activity (e.g. Zumba, Yoga, etc.) through the provision of instructors or curated programmes at either your own venue or SportSG's proposed venues.

‘Make Every Move Count workshop by Active Health’

Measure up and assess how well you move! Learn how incorporating a variety of movements through a 4Q model can improve your physical fitness and movement competency in a fun way.

The Make Every Move Count workshop by Active Health features simple movement assessments and strategies to improve movement competency through the concept of 4Q and interactive activities using the Active Health Play Mat. Regardless of age and ability, you will benefit from moving more! Movement assessments such as the Y-Balance would be introduced to test how well you are moving as you work towards the recommended physical activity guidelines. This assessment challenges your upper and lower body mobility and stability within multi-directional movement and provides a holistic indication of your movement competency and how you move. 

‘Moving more’ is not uncommon to all, yet not many know the key to maximising the benefits. A 4Q model will be introduced to create awareness of your movements and improve competency through movement variation. This 4Q model categorises your movement based on single or multi-directional and whether it’s solely bodyweight or using any external resistance. Each quadrant has its unique benefits and mixing your activities up offsets the repetitiveness of activity, decreasing your potential of any pains and injuries. 

Intrigued to find out more? Sign up today and experience these movements for yourself and weave them into your routines to make every move count!

Application Details 

Application Period: 9 May to 7 July 2022

Please apply through the link below


Mandatory Criteria for all application

Applicants must meet the following to participate in the Active Enabler Sports Expertise:

You may refer to the Sport Expertise FAQ for more information.

Your questions answered

We put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about the Active Enabler Programme and Sports Expertise

If you have a question that you can't find the answer to, please contact the Active Enabler Secretariat here.

Active Health Make Every Move Count Warm Up - GetActive! 2022 Edition

Suitable for all ages and abilities, this 3-5 minutes warm up focusing on muscle activation, mobility, and cardiorespiratory elements is designed to prepare you before engaging in sport or physical activity.

MEMC Warmup

Click here to download the Active Health Warm Up and get moving!


Need a senior or disability-friendly version? Download it here!


Play on, Play Together

This year’s GetActive! Singapore will offer something for everyone!

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