Sporting Events

Safe Management Measure Guidelines and Application Form


All sport events that involve more than 50 persons in total (including participants, spectators, officials, event crew and support staff) will need to be endorsed by Sport Singapore before they can be conducted.

Spectator Sport Events

  • Up to 1,000 spectators allowed for a sport event
  • All spectators must be fully vaccinated (Includes those that have valid PET result / have recovered from COVID-19)

Mass Participation Sport Events

  • Up to 1,000 participants (grouped in waves of not more than 50 persons) per session allowed
  • All participants must be fully vaccinated (Includes those that have valid PET result / have recovered from COVID-19)
  • Different sessions are required to be adequately separated by time to avoid the congregation of participants at the venue and its vicinity. Organisers may propose the number of sessions and time interval between sessions to ensure safe participation, which may vary depending on context
  • All mass participation sport events will not be allowed to have invited spectators. Organisers are to put in place measures to prevent the spontaneous gathering of onlookers for such events

Other safe management measures will continue to be in place, and these should be complied with. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Mask Wearing
  • Intermingling to be avoided in changing rooms / toilets
  • Sharing of common equipment should be minimised
  • Facilitating contact tracing
  • Reducing physical interaction & hygiene and ensuring safe distancing

For the latest updates on Safe Management Measures for Sport and Physical Exercise & Activity, please visit here.

Event Organisers will have to submit an application to Sport Singapore using the Sport Event Application Form at least 14 days prior to the start of the event to give time for evaluation and discussion.

Organisers are advised not to carry out related marketing/publicity efforts before receiving endorsement from Sport Singapore, as the event may require modifications before it may proceed. (Organisers will be responsible for the costs of the event (including the additional costs of modifications), and/or compensation to participants arising from event postponement or cancellation.) 

If the form is not loaded, you can also fill it in at here.