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Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) Training Allowance for
Fitness Instructors

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The Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) Training Allowance for Fitness Instructors is a grant provided to eligible fitness instructors to encourage them to actively engage in continuous learning and be current in their knowledge and skills during this period where their work is impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions. Eligible instructors may claim $7.50 for each claimable hour for the CCE training/programme/event up to a maximum of $300 per person until 31 March 2022. 


Who can apply?

The eligibility criteria for fitness instructors are as follows: 

  1. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.
  2. Submit valid fitness instructor qualifications – this needs to be done once only for first time applicants
  3. Submit documentary evidence (e.g. service/employment contract, email, attendance records) of impact (disruption/suspension/termination) on work as a result of Covid-19 restrictions – this needs to be done once for first time applicants and as and when requested by SportSG.
  4. Submit documentary evidence of completion of 5 hours of Continuing Coaching Education efforts (e.g. course certificates, email of attendance) since 1 Jan 2021.

Please take note that after CoachSG has approved your eligibiliy for the Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Training Allowance Grant (TAG), you may attend any course/ programme from the approved list.   

Questions? Check out  FAQ

You have to submit a claim after you have attended the workshops/ courses.

Please refer to the list of upcoming CCE workshops that are conducted/facilitated by CoachSG. Do note that there may be a limit to the number of participants allowed for registration to each event. We regret that we do not provide this allowance for any other courses outside of this list. The following list of approved Courses/ Programmes are:

1. Upcoming CoachSG CCE Workshops

2. List of NTUC Learning Hub courses under the Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) and endorsed by the National Instructors and Coaches Association (NICA).

3. Please refer to ExPRO On-demand online learning content

4. International Sports Academy
i) Certificate in Introduction to Fitness Nutrition
ii) Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Youth, Elderly & Pregnant)
iii) Certificate in Exercise Prescription for Special Populations (Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease)

5. Academy of Sports and Exercise Science Pte Ltd
i) ACE Certified Personal Trainer Course
ii) ACE Group Fitness Instructor
iii) ACE Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
iv) ACE Youth Fitness Specialist

6. BodyTree Academy
i) PREHAB TRAINER™ - Axial skeleton
ii) PREHAB TRAINER™ - Lower Limb
iii) PREHAB TRAINER™ - Upper Limb

7. Functional Training Institute
i) Dual Zone Myofascial Release L1ACE Youth Fitness Specialist

8. Personal Trainer Certification Pte Ltd
i) Certified Personal Trainer - National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF CPT)

9. Fitness Innovations (Singapore) Pte Ltd
i) Please refer to this link for the list of courses' programmes

10. Fitness Factory Pte. Ltd.
i) Strength Summit 2021

11. Tesseract Fitness Pte Ltd
i) IFBB Personal Trainer Course

Should the instructor be interested in attending any other CCE training not listed in the above, they may write in to prior to signing up, for confirmation of the training’s eligibility for training allowance claims.

Please note that there is a cap of 5 hours on claims for day-long events such as courses, conferences, workshops and seminars.

Application Form for Eligibility

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Frequently Asked Questions (for Fitness Instructors)

Eligibility Application for Training Allowance for Fitness Instructors

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