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The Digital Content Development Grant 2020 serves to enhance the quality of digital sport productions and help freelancers and businesses expand their reach through hosting their content on the ActiveSG Circle virtual platform. 

The Digital Content Grant 2020 will focus in aiding companies to sharpen their businesses by using Sport Singapore as a test bed in generating engaging content. This will create new leads as well as engage our existing database with various themes aligned with the various segments and for them to generate commercial revenue through our platforms.

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Digital Content


Each application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and we welcome applications from the following groups:

  1. Self-employed professionals / Freelance Coaches and Instructors
  2. Event Organisers  / Event Management Companies
  3. Gyms / Wellness & Fitness Studios
  4. Private Sport Clubs & Academies
  5. Private Sport Facility Operators
  6. Sport Production Companies*
  7. Non-sport Production Companies**


    *Sport production and non-sport companies must hire sport professionals.

    *Non sport up to $100K (This amount might be subject to change during the course of approval)

    Applicants must have a clear idea of what they wish to develop for the sporting ecosystem and t0 also be clear on how this grant will further enhance their business model for the future.


Applicants must fulfil the following criteria subject to changes:

  1. Registered entity with ACRA in Singapore
  2. Must fall into one of the categories of businesses as listed in the eligibility criteria
  3. Must be able to demonstrate the ability to produce high quality content that is sports related and will benefit the sporting community based on the themes set out by Sport Singapore
  4. Must be able to demonstrate how the created content will be used to engage audiences and to provide performance indicators on what this engagement is and how they will be measured
  5. Must be able to demonstrate how this grant will help them to pivot their business and aid them in their growth in the digital space
  6. Cannot be insolvent at the time of application


Application period: 16th November to 31st December 2020.

  1. Download application form here.
  2. Submit in .pdf via link below

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