Getting started with Synchronised Swimming


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Image credit: Shaun Chiet/SportSG

Now that you know what Synchronised Swimming is, what do you need to get started?

    1. A practice suit - Choose an athletic cut. Remember, you will probably need to spend hours treading water before you can move on to doing an actual movement, so choose a suit that you are comfortable in.


    1. Goggles - Protect your eyes from chlorine and to help you see better underwater.


    1. A swim cap - Will keep hair out of your face and mouth so you have one less thing to worry about when you need to take that deep breath you desperately need. It also helps reduce drag so you can move more efficiently underwater.


    1. Nose clip - Keeps water out of your nose when you learn underwater positions and routines.


    1. Waterproof Sunscreen - Long synchro practices are common, so protect your skin if you are in an outdoor pool.


  1. An mp3 player - To use when doing land drills or to familiarise yourself with your chosen piece of music in between your time in the water.

This list is not exhaustive. After a few practices, you will figure out what you may or may not need.

Before you start Synchronised Swimming, you should also have some basic swimming knowledge. If you aren't quite there yet, look for a swimming instructor to help you. Many swimming pools or community centres offer swimming courses.

A good way to ease into synchronised swimming is to look for a recreational programme that you can enrol in. Assess your commitment level, skills and goals. Synchronised swimming can take up a lot of time and energy, so make sure you are prepared for long hours of training and practices.


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