Improve your skills with dryland diving



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    • Stretching mats
      Stretching mats are the most basic of all dryland training equipment. These mats are portable and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. If deck space at your pool is limited, folding mats can be an important addition to your diving equipment. They can be used for pre- and post-workout stretching, as well as for you to refine your basic diving and tumbling skills.


    • Trampoline
      The trampoline can be used to practice and perfect basic skills, such as an arm swing, a jump, or an approach and hurdle. When used in conjunction with the spotting apparatus – which consists of safety belts, spotting rigs, ropes and pulleys to ensure safety – trampolines can be used to practice dives. The most basic trampoline used for diving training is a rectangular trampoline, although trampolines do come in a variety of sizes and shapes, also coming in a choice of folding or non-folding, and above ground or in-ground ones.  


    • Dryland diving board
      The dryland diving board is a set-up of a conventional diving board, with a large mat laid out on the ground in place of the water. It can be used for the same basic purposes as the trampoline, but with the advantage of using a springboard instead of a trampoline mat. Dryland diving boards also come in a variety of forms, such as a portable diving stand that can be moved to accommodate your needs.


    • Spring floor
      A basic floor made of foam with the addition of springs, the spring floor is good for the learning of tumbling skills as it helps to build force and improve body tension. Divers typically prefer using the spring floor instead of common surfaces for exercises such as stretching, conditioning, and dryland form drills.


  • Recording devices
    In the past, divers were forced to rely solely on the feedback from their coach or instructor to improve their skills and progress in their diving ability. But with the prominence of recording devices, divers can also visually understand what a coach is attempting to convey and get a clearer understanding of what they are doing right or wrong.


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