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Image credit: John Yeong/SportSG

In the Endurance event, there are no strict restrictions on saddlery due to the range of classifications of riders and horses. However, any saddlery used must fit the horse and must not restrict its movement. Spurs, whips or any other equipment that could be used as a whip are strictly prohibited. Riders are allowed to use a variety of bits and may add a breastcollar to help keep the saddle in place when moving over rough terrain. Riders may also utilize hoof protection for their horse.

There are no specific regulations on clothing, but junior riders need to wear safety head gear.  Communication devices like mobile phones and GPS devices can be used, while other forms of communication like walkie talkies must be approved before the start of the event.

In the Jumping event, riders must dress in a collared shirt, breeches, tall boots, jacket and helmet. However, they are allowed to wear a short-sleeve polo shirt in hot weather. Gloves and the plaiting of the horse's mane and tail are optional. At Grand Prix levels, riders are only allowed specific colours for their attire. Riders on international teams may be allowed to wear jackets with their country's insignia or national colour.

There are no strict rules on saddlery, but equipment can be disallowed if they are deemed to cause harm to the horse. Boots, wraps or other protective footwear for horses are allowed.

The competition arena must be enclosed with entrances and exits that should be shut while the horse is within the arena. The indoor arena usually measures 20m x 60m while outdoor arenas measure 50m x 80m.

In the Dressage event, clothing and equipment must be formal. Horses could have their manes plaited to the left, with their forelock and tail unplaited. Riders can also choose not to braid their horse's mane. Decorations like ribbons are not permitted in the plaits. The horse's coat may be trimmed and cleaned before the competition.

Dressage riders need to dress formally in pale-coloured breeches and a white shirt with a stock tie. White gloves, tall dress boots and a black riding jacket must be worn. Riders with long hair must wear it in a bun. Helmets must be inspected before riders are allowed to enter the event.

The Dressage arena has a level surface of grass or sand and can measure 20m x 40m (small) or 20m x 60m (standard). Riders usually start with the small arena and work themselves up to the standard arena. Horses have a specific path they need to follow while executing their movements.

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