Swordplay amongst kids

More children seeking the unconventional and a good means to exercise are picking up fencing (photo credit: VOXSPORTS for SportSG).

Youngsters are beginning to sit up and notice fencing. Most of them had been introduced to the sport by their peers, while others surprisingly were influenced by computer games. 

“Kids these days like to play computer games which have swords and all those things, and fencing is a reality of it,” said Ivan Lim, a young fencer. 

The irony is that being exposed to computer games has drawn them away to a healthier alternative. 

Once they are in it, these kids concede that the sport allows them to have a lot of fun. Not only do they have the opportunity to socialise with new friends during competitions, but they also enjoy the careful contemplation necessary in fencing. 

Human Chess

“It’s like human chess. You have to think of what to do,” mentioned Sandro Antonio B. Sia from the Philippines team. 

The kids who are seeking the unconventional, find that the uniqueness of fencing draws them into the sport. 

“In soccer, you just need a ball and you can play, but in fencing you need a sword and a mask,” continued Sandro with passion. 

In today’s abundance of technology that keeps children entertained, their attention span is greatly reduced. This is where the beauty of fencing comes in. 

It is a sport known to require discipline and focus from its athletes. Walking into the Jurong Sports Hall filled with young fencers, the term “strawberry generation” was suddenly squished away as these kids displayed fierce determination and concentration in each round.

Fencing in Singapore has evolved through the years; with even parents are becoming fond of the sport. 

Magdalene Tan, the proud parent of a fencing son claimed that not only is fencing a very demanding sport in terms of thinking and coordination, but it has also aided in teaching her son about chivalry. 

“My son is the only child, so he doesn’t have a lot of siblings to fight with,” she said. “This game really transcends that kind of competitive nature and at the same time you have to bring up this chivalry and regard for the other players, which is emphasised in this sport.”


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