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What is Nordic Walking?

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Nordic walking is a simple and great way to keep fit!

Originally developed as a form of training for Nordic skiers during the off-season to maintain their form, Nordic Walking requires specially designed walking poles that are used by the arms to match the natural walking steps. As such, not only will participants utilize their legs, they will also experience core and upper body conditioning simultaneously while walking.

Nordic walking should not be confused with similar activities such as trekking, hiking, etc, as these activities do not include the use of specially designed walking poles. This is because the use of Nordic walking poles enhances ordinary walking by activating additional muscles groups, particularly those found in the upper body.

Benefits of Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is a full body workout which is effective for weight loss and toning up. Similar to other forms of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, participants will also likely reap the health benefits of lowering risk of chronic illnesses.

Nordic walking techniques is similar to the natural flow of regular walking. This makes it a low impact physical activity that is suitable for all ages including seniors or people with pre-existing injuries to participate in. Fitness fanatics who are seeking a challenging workout will be glad to know that Nordic walking can also be done at a higher aerobic intensity by varying the techniques and speeds on different types of terrain (slopes or flats).

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