How to grip a golf club

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Before learning how to swing a club and hit the ball, it is important to understand how to grip a golf club correctly. There are four common types of grips - the basic grip, the ten-finger baseball grip, the interlocking grip, and the overlapping grip - and the latter three are actually just modified versions of the basic grip. As we go into the different gripping methods, it is necessary to keep in mind that your grip should always be firm but never too tense.

These instructions apply only to right-handers. For a left-handed grip, simply switch things around.

Basic grip

To begin, place your left hand on the club first, in a relaxed manner. Hold it with your thumb extended on the top part of the club, with your last four fingers curled around it at the bottom. The four fingers should make contact with the club at the lower end that connects to the palm. Next, place your right hand further down the shaft, below your left hand, with the right thumb overlapping your left thumb. The four other right fingers should be wrapped underneath just like you did with the left, and positioned below the four left fingers.

Ten-finger baseball grip

Often used by newcomers to the sport or players with small hands, the ten-finger baseball grip is a more closely-packed version of the basic grip. To use this grip, move your right hand up to meet your left, until there are no more gaps between your fingers and hands.

Interlocking grip

A grip that is used by beginners and professionals alike, the interlocking grip is suited for those with a medium hand size. Starting from the basic grip, insert your right pinky into the space between the index and middle fingers of left hand, interlocking both your hands.

Overlapping grip

Also known as the Vardon grip or Vardon overlap, this is a common grip that is often used by large-handed golfers. It is similar to the interlocking grip, though some players might find it more comfortable. Instead of placing your right pinky in the space between your left index and middle fingers, place it on top of them. No gaps are needed.