Improving your swing and putting in golf

Golf 7

Image credit: Suhaimi Abdullah/SportSG

There is certainly much more to golf than swinging your club and attempting to make contact with your ball as firmly as you can. In order to propel your ball over your desired distance and height, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper techniques and stances that you should acquire.

Swing tips

Bend your body at the waist as you approach your ball. Keep your left arm straight and right arm bent when executing your backswing. As you bring your club down to hit the ball, ensure that your hips are not stiff and tense. They should rotate along with your arm movement; the power and energy that you’re putting into the hit should come not just from your arms, but also from your body. Keep your eyes on the ball at all times, even after you have made the swing. Follow through by swinging the club up and over your shoulder after hitting the ball.

Stance and feet alignment

Place your club flat on the ground, with one end pointing in the direction that you require your ball to move in.. When executing your swing, both your feet should remain firmly on the ground, positioned at a comfortable distance from each other. Do not move your legs until the follow-through swing. Your right knee may then bend naturally inwards, moving towards your left.

Putting tips

Practice makes perfect when it comes to putting. Strike continuously in the same direction using the same strength at the same pace. You should also always ensure that your body is still, as any irregular movement, no matter how small, will affect the outcome of your putt - especially if it’s only over a short distance. When aiming, instead of focusing on the hole itself, look out for the imaginary path that you need your ball to roll along. This is a visualisation technique that improves the accuracy of your putt.

Relax and focus

Unlike most sports, golf is not a physical activity that involves intense action and quick thinking. Do not be pressured to make a strong and fast hit, but take your time to plan, focus, and execute a good swing or putt. With your technique in mind, make your hit smoothly and calmly.

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