Aerobic gymnastics rules

aerobic gymnastics

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Aerobic gymnastics, also known as sports aerobics, is a competitive sport comprising of complex, high-intensity movement and elements performed to music. An aerobic gymnastics routine must continuously integrate the display of physical qualities like coordination, flexibility and strength, with the perfect execution of traditional aerobics movements.

There are three mandatory exercises: four consecutive high leg kicks, four consecutive push-ups, as well as a phase beginning with four jumping jacks and comprising 32counts of standing movements and patterns. Additionally, a maximum of ten elements from the following categories are allowed: push-ups, supports and balances/holds, kicks and splits, jumps and leaps.

A perfect aerobics gymnastics routine must combine spectacular showmanship with creative and interesting musicality, alongside complex aerobics steps.


In competition, women are required to wear a one-piece leotard, shimmer tan tights, white socks and white runners, with their hair done up in a tight bun. Men, on the other hand, must wear a unitard or body shorts, together with form-fitting shirts. These clothes are often intricately designed with bright colours.

Choice of music 

A good musical selection will help establish the structure and tempo, as well as the theme of the exercise. It will support and highlight the performance. It must also be used to inspire the overall choreography as well as contribute to the style and quality of execution.


All the components of the choreography must fit perfectly together in order to transform a sport exercise into an artistic performance.

Form, posture and alignment

Form must be reflected by body positions and recognisable shapes, such as splits or jumping jacks.

Posture and alignment will be judged according to the following: 

● Torso, lower back, pelvis and contraction of the abdominal muscles. 

● Upper body, carriage of the neck, shoulders and head relative to the spine. 

● Feet relative to the ankles, knees and hip joint.

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