Go Karting: Experience high octane action

The Kartright Speedway gives avid Go Kart racers the chance to emulate their favourite Formula One idols (photo credit: VOXSPORTS for SportSG).

By John Yeong

Fresh from our recent adventures on the football pitch at ITE College Central and the serene MacRitchie Reservoir, our team next headed down to the Kartright Speedway at Upper Jurong Road for some high octane and adrenaline pumping action with motorsports!

There to meet us were two of Singapore’s brightest young protégés behind a Go Kart wheel – Gabriella Teo and Randall Ng. The Team Singapore duo were eager to impart whatever knowledge they had to us, and we had many burning questions.

Understanding the Racing Line

For instance, I’ve always wondered why in motor racing sports like our annual SingTel Formula One night race, racers would often cut close to the inside corners of any given turn, sometimes even clipping or going over the bumpers or rumble strips of the corner.

It turns out that the secret lies in understanding the concept of the Racing Line, as 15 year-old Gabriella explained. The racing line is essentially the route the vehicle takes with the minimal time taken to complete the course.

“There are three parts to the racing line,” says Gabriella. “They are the entry, the apex, and the exit.” Slowing down during the entry, and starting to accelerate upon reaching the apex is key to turning the corner with minimal time and can shave crucial milliseconds off the clock at the end of the race. 

Hitting the apex allows the car or kart to take the straightest line without sacrificing too much speed at a corner.

Right Driving Posture

There are also simple techniques to improve your Go Karting performance. Watching your arm distance from the wheel, and keeping your legs at optimal distance from the pedals may seem like trivial points but they play a part in reducing fatigue over the course of a race.

Go Karting Essentials

While there are fundamental differences between a recreational Go Kart and a competitive Go Kart, it is always good to take safety into consideration prior to engaging in either activity. Helmets are an obvious necessity, and the fireproof Balaclava that is to be worn under the helmet as well.

For competitive racers, wearing a Rib Guard under their Racing Suit can help to prevent some nasty bruises or even potential fractures to the ribs when the kart travels at high speed or in the event of an accident.

Wearing gloves also allows for better control of the wheel and helps the driver stay blister free in a high speed race. While covered shoes are needed for both recreational and competitive karters, special karting shoes with thinner soles allows the driver to have a better feel of the pedals and can give competitive racers an edge.

Try out Go Karting

Sold on the idea of go karting? To try it out, you may wish to head on down to Kartright Speedway at 511 Upper Jurong Road for a quick spin.

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