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Sport Singapore aims to serve schools through sport by enhancing sporting capabilities and quality of coaching, implementing a structure for robust sporting programmes and using sport as a platform for leadership and character development.

Why Partner Us?


Experience multiple sport with access to sport facilities.


Fun, enjoyable and specially curated for maximum benefits.


Values-based coaching that develops character and life skills.


Learn, progress and discover sporting strengths and passions.

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Active Health Play Mat Workshop - For Educators

Register with us to receive Active Health Play Mats for your school and have your staff learn how they may use the Play Mats to engage and educate students!

Active Health Play Mats aim to promote health and fitness for all, through fun and interactive assessments and games found on the mat. Find out more about them here.

In this 1 hour workshop, staff will:

  • learn about Active Health and its 4 domains
  • be oriented to the Play Mat and warm-up exercises
  • learn how to perform Play Mat assessments and interpret the results
  • learn the benefits of the activities on the Play Mat and how to perform them correctly

More details to follow soon!

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School Sports Partnership Programme (SSP)

This programme enables children to learn to play as many sports as possible in school.

ActiveSG will co-create a modular multi-sport curriculum with schools building upon their existing offerings and range of programmes, games, and competitions. This would expose students to different sport from ActiveSG Academies and Clubs as well as offer them more opportunities to play with other cohorts.

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Sports Education Programme (SEP)

This programme serves as an integrated and structured approach to link sports service providers with schools to ensure that innovative and quality sports programmes are delivered.

Under SEP, each school is provided with a dollar-to-dollar matching grant of up to S$10,000 for them to take up sports programmes from an endorsed list.

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Strategic Partnership CCA

ActiveSG Academies & Clubs aim to provide the opportunity for students to pursue a sport CCA that their schools do not offer and continue their sporting interests.

Current initiatives:

  • SP-CCA Athletics
  • Combined Hockey CCA

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Swimsafer 2.0

This programme teaches swimming proficiency and water safety skills to students in a fun manner.

It is a 6-stage programme that includes survival and activity skills, with a progressive curriculum. At the end of each stage, students will receive a stage completion e-certificate.

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Partnering ActiveSG Sport Centres

Live better through Sport: Start from School

Partner with ActiveSG's island-wide network of sport centres to provide opportunities for students to develop holistically, play and have fun! Some key initiatives include:

  • Active Recess
  • Gym Orientation Programme (*Sec/JC only)
  • Behind the Scene Learning Journey
  • Sports Carnival and much more

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Character & Leadership Development through Sport

Sport is a powerful platform for character and leadership development. Through experiential learning and peer-to-peer coaching, the programme provides students with a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills while using sport as a platform. 

Current initiatives:

  • Junior Active Leader
  • Youth Sports Leader Camp (*Sec only)
  • Leadership through Sport Programme (*Sec only)
  • STEP Southeast Asia Youth Sports Leaders Camp (*JC/CI/IHL only)

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SportCares aims to broaden and extend sporting access to the vulnerable segments in society, and to help bridge communities.

In consultation with MOE’s UPLIFT Programme Office for its GEAR-UP initiative, SportCares provides customised support for after-school engagement programmes aimed at strengthening students’ social-emotional competencies and social skills through Sport.

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Team Nila

Team Nila is a national movement that promotes the culture of giving, citizen partnership and social cohesion through sport volunteerism.

The Team Nila Volunteer Journey aims to raise self-awareness and social awareness by inspiring and equipping youth with the attitude, skills and knowledge to lead positive social changes.

Volunteers are provided with opportunities to undergo functional and leadership training to equip them with the relevant skill sets.

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For any enquiries, please contact us at School_Partnership@sport.gov.sg or simply register your areas of interest and we will get in touch with you shortly!

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For Parents: Active Parents is a movement from Sport Singapore that seeks to inspire and enable parents to play an active role in their children’s lives.

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