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Mon, August 3, 2020 8:00 PM

Dynamic Pilates with Myofascial therapy release

with Coach Serena Tan

Flexibility. Toning. Strength.

Difficulty: Customisable

Duration: 60 mins

Controlled resistance exercises designed to strengthen and stretch muscles, open up joints, and create a core of strong lower and deeper abdominal and mid-back muscles. Simple myofascial release techniques (using tennis balls) which involve applying gentle sustained pressure to the connective tissue, will be used to complement the class. Get ready to tone, stretch and release muscle tension all in one session!

By participating in the class, you warrant and represent that you are physically and medically able to participate and have no physical or medical condition that would endanger your life or make your participation unsafe or dangerous to you or to others. When in doubt, always consult your doctor before participating.


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