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Thu, July 9, 2020 4:00 PM

Sing & Move

with Coach Alex Tan Sing

Breathing. Diaphragm Control. Upper Body Exercise.

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 40 mins

Combining 2 of Alex's passion & everyone's favurite hobiies: Singing & Dancing! Singing for Breath Control, for deep diaphragm exercises to strengthen one's cardiovascular system & increasing oxygen intake; Dancing for circulating blood?improving muscle memory & cognitive recollection but limited to only upper body movement for a low-impact workout that is truly enjoyable & fun! Alex has specially designed this half-hour class for all to participate, even for seniors on wheelchairs. This is to make workouts enjoyable for all with familiar songs like Rasa Sayang, ????????Conducted in English & Chinese Mandarin & also a sprinkle of Malay, Ales will also entertain during the short break in between the half hour & after.

By participating in the class, you warrant and represent that you are physically and medically able to participate and have no physical or medical condition that would endanger your life or make your participation unsafe or dangerous to you or to others. When in doubt, always consult your doctor before participating.


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