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Tue, May 4, 2021 12:45 PM

Sunrise In The City (SITC) (Yoga Therapy)

Venue: Real Yoga (Jurong) 134 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 600134

SITC is a regular 1-hour morning workout held in gyms/studios mostly before working hours targeting the general population, especially busy working adults. Sessions are led by professional fitness and dance trainers and are specially choreographed to suit individuals of different fitness levels. Workouts include aerobics-dance workouts, cardio, strength, and mind-body programmes at over 20 different locations. Contractor may be asked to perform other form of workout like HIIT or fitness circuit in the future upon HPB�s notice. Depending on the collaboration with the gym/studios, SITC participants may enjoy other benefits such as access to the gym�s shower and locker facilities within a stipulated time after the workout session.

Difficulty: All

Duration: 60 mins

By participating in the class, you warrant and represent that you are physically and medically able to participate and have no physical or medical condition that would endanger your life or make your participation unsafe or dangerous to you or to others. When in doubt, always consult your doctor before participating.


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