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Alvin Lim

"Moving alone isn't exercise. Moving right and intentional with the right knowledge is important. Pay attention to the details."



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In my 20s, I already had a slipped disc and 45-degrees of scoliosis, was super unfit and avoiding all sorts of exercises. I could never touch my toes! After suffering countless sleepless nights of backache and pain, I finally decided to take the first step and started to do Yoga to correct my posture and alleviate my aches and pains. I would have never thought that within a span of over a decade, my life would take such a big turn. My scoliosis has reduced from 45 degrees to 31 degrees and still improving. And I am now a fitness instructor helping to improve the lives of others around me. What Fitness Means To Me: Functional Fitness is most important to me. As it was what I experienced myself. It is about doing housework without pain, chasing after children without feeling forever tired, and being able to just squat and pick up a heavy object. Even tying my shoelaces with balancing on one foot can be a luxury. Fitness goes so much beyond a 6-pack abs and a gorgeous figure. Fitness Certificates: ACE Personal Trainer Certificate Yoga Alliance 200hrs Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition Animal Flow Level 1 Certified Les Mills BodyBalance (Advanced) Les Mills BodyJam Les Mills Sh'bam Les Mills BodyCombat Les Mills Born To Move

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