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Alvin Ng

"Swim Safer"



Years of Teaching Experience



With a word-of-mouth reputation as a high performing swimming school in Singapore, Swim Masters is the target destination for young swimmers aged 4 to 12 with the capacity to develop their early years water confidence as well as boost advanced techniques to suit your kids' future ambitions. The secret to this success? Attracting the boys and girls from an extraordinary range of backgrounds and swimming levels with a tailored three-month programme, highly-experienced expert coaches and a friendly supportive atmosphere, suggests Alvin Ng, Head Coach of Swim Masters. This formula produces excellent results and formidable sporting prowess aided by fantastic facilities at the swimming complexes Senja Cashew, Clementi and Bukit Batok. But swimming lessons at Swim Masters is not just about winning. Their programme, both recreational and competitive, allows every child to develop his or her own abilities to the full, generating confidence, enthusiasm and stamina. Whether you want your kids to get fit with less impact on their joints or resolutely train for swimming competitions, don't leave it too late. We recommend you to come and see for yourself what a difference Swim Masters' programme could make for your child.

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