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Diploma in Yoga Teacher Teaching - First Class Distinction, AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Accreditation

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I have always been active and has participated in various outdoor activities, including scuba diving, wakeboarding, and rollerblading, etc. I engaged in a variety of running events, including marathons, to push myself further. As an outdoor person, I also practice yoga regularly to calm my mind and recharge my energy, rather than worrying about trivial little things in life. I truly believe that yoga is the most effective way to relieve stress and ease physical and emotional tension after becoming a mother of two children and experiencing firsthand how stressful life can be. I pursued a 200-hour yoga teaching certification to deepen my relationship and understanding with yoga, which I believe has made my physically and mentally stronger. My active background guides my approach to incorporating core and stretch sequences into my yoga classes, which I believe will help students improve their muscle strength, endurance, overall fitness and health

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