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Chee Kan To

"Behind the few minutes of fame & glory on stage or in a competition, are the many years of blood, sweat & tears in grueling practices."





SG Coach Level 1 Technical, SG Coach Level 1 Theory, Basic Sports Science, St John First Aid, AED/CPR, NROC, Acceptance email PA Trainer

Years of Teaching Experience



On the Training front, Chee Kan - a domain expert in film & video productions, is an ACTA & DACE certified trainer & curriculum developer that qualify for WSQ Trainings in Singapore. He has been Guest Lecturer for Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the late 80s. Adjunct Lecturer at ITE in Digital Audio Video Productions. Part-time trainer /course developer for Singapore Media Academy. Ex-Board Member & Trainer for SACE - Singapore Association for Continuing Education. And Trainer for RLIS - Rotary Learning Institute Singapore. Plus a member of AEN - Adult Education Network in Singapore. On the Wushu Front, Chee Kan is an NROC (National Registry of Coaches) registered coach in Wushu / Taiji. He has a lifetime of Wushu experience since teenage. He is SG Coach 1 in Theory & Technical certified and has been coach & assistant coach in various Wushu Taiji Classes. And a People's Association certified trainer. He is a 7th Generation Practitioner of Yang Style Taiji, fluent in the Dong School of Yang Taiji. He is a Disciple of Master Alan Ng Kee. Chee is also a Wushu & Liu he Ba Fa Quan Disciple of Master Zhou Shu Sheng, former head Coach of Chinese Wushu Team and Singapore Wushu Team. Chee Kan is a specialist in Wushu, Weapons & Exotic Weapons.

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