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Dennis Lim Kiang

"Think, Train and Transform"




NCAP Badminton Theory and Technical Accreditation Sport Singapore

Years of Teaching Experience



Dennis Lim is an accredited NROC, NCAP badminton coach in Singapore. He holds a Master of Arts in Professional Education (Training & Development)-NIE. He graduated with a BA(Hons)Sport management at the University of Wolverhampton-UK and received a Diploma in Sport & Wellness Management as a Sport student. Being a passionate professional player/ Coach, dennis established Team Pacific Badminton Networks in 2011 to promote robust participative badminton and Child character development through evidence based training, as well as to produce motivated athletes for all ages. In developing to promulgate his competitive playing abilities, skills and knowledge for the Sport, he succeeded three podium accomplishments while having participated in the Sydney World Masters Games 2009, Italy- Torino WMG 2013 and the Auckland NZ WMG 2017. Being an avid badminton person, he is exemplary to his two sons and attained favourable encouragement from his supportive wife. With more than 10 years of continued performance for fitness, health and social wellness through Sport- Badminton, we have the experience in the industry with dedicated coaches to offer a wide array of practical programs, clinics and workshops to help indivduals, group or any organisation attain their goals for success.

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