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Evan Seah

"One Day or Day One - You Decide!"


Dance Fitness




Strong Nation Instructor, Salsation Instructor, Zumba Instructor, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer, First Aid & AED Certified

Years of Teaching Experience



Hi, everyone! Food, Fitness, and Fun are 3 words that pretty much summarize myself. Naturally, I enjoy using fun and unconventional ways to help people embrace fitness into their lifestyles, regardless of age or gender. As fitness instructors, we understand how challenging it can be for many to stay fit in order to stay healthy (especially if you're a food lover like myself). Please remember that fitness does NOT have to be painful or torturous. We have many different types of fitness programs and instructors available here - you just have to pick the ones you enjoy the most. I currently teach Zumba and Salsation (dance fitness), as well as Strong Nation (a unique non-dance, full body workout that uses custom made music). Most importantly, whichever classes you pick, let's all have a good sweat in every class and enjoy happier, healthier, fitter lives together.

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