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Evelyn Lau



KpopX Fitness



KpopX Fitness, KpopX 4 in 1 (Kids, Lite, Line Dance, Family Bonding), KpopX PERFORM, KpopX Choreographers' Course, Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, ZIN JAM, Zumba Virtual Pro, Standard First Aid + AED, PA Trainer

Years of Teaching Experience



I am MOE certified instructor, PA Trainer, kpopX Fitness and Zumba Fitness Instructor. I have planned and taught , parents and teachers performances for multiple events like Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day. At times I teach corporate classes and school holiday programmes. Before Covid 19, I taught physical classes at Temasek Poly ( kpopX Fitness) and True Fitness. I also taught HPB programmes. Now, I conduct virtual classes via Zoom every Monday 8pm-9pm.

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