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Gary Tho

"We all deserve to feel great, play big and live life without limits."



B.App.Sc. (clin). & B.C.Sc.

Years of Teaching Experience



Dr Gary Tho is a Chiropractor, Published Speaker, and the founder of Chiropractic Works, a Pain Relief and Peak Performance Clinic in Singapore. For 14 years, he's helped thousands of people, from world champion athletes, to CEOs and busy mums, recover from acute and chronic aches, pains and sports injuries. He's conducing classes that allow you to also eliminate pain, and build your physical and mental resilience so that no matter what life throws at you, you'll stay strong, happy and unfazed. These sessions work extremely well together, and can also be done as individual independent sessions to address specific pain points. These include the usual neck, shoulder back and foot pain, as well as mind and body hacks that help you to overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm. We want you to reclaim your power, physically and mentally, to live the life you deserve, without limits.

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