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Karin Khoo

"Strive for progress, not perfection."



Piloxing Barre


SSP Piloxing certificate, Barre Piloxing certificate, First Aid CPR +AED

Years of Teaching Experience



I am a mother of 2 teenage girls who is extremely passionate in dancing and Piloxing, I enjoy spontaneous activity and looking deeper into my hobbies like hiking, dancing and singing, I am always keen, passionate and dedicated to learn new things and enhance my skills, willing to push my own boundaries to achieve greater heights in life. I am a high spirited person hence spreading the positive energy all around my students, I am also willing to selflessly share and teach my knowledge in fitness with utmost responsibility. Moreover, I am a person who place safety as my top priority, while teaching my students I will ensure that they are at their best condition and allowing less strenuous activity for people who are not that inclined to do so, to reassure my students I went to enrich my wisdom in safety taking up first aid courses to learn what to do in a case of an emergency.

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