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Kok Kiat Xuan

"Empowering learned athletes with calibre by gaining the inch"


Fitness & Wellness



Modern Pentathlon


NROC Coach Level 1 Swimming, NROC Provisional Coach - Modern Pentathlon, NROC Provisional Coach - Fencing, Corrective Strategies for Posture - World Coaches Academy & ACE Approved

Years of Teaching Experience



My name is Kiat Xuan. I am a passionate and spirited modern pentatheIe. I have a passion in sports, fitness and sport science. I always find it challenging to fuse all 3 concepts together to bring the best out of every individual. I enjoy the process that constantly present different scenario of each athlete or participants to find the right balance to be able to excel for each individual. KIAT Online - Sport Science has been set up to share and pass down the knowledge of how sport science which is seen to be one of the crucial piece of puzzle to better achievement. It is created to enhance and promote the idea of sport science knowledge that will help to gain that inch needed for each athletes towards the success in sport. Sport science knowledge had been seen to be widely used in high performance athletes but it is our believe that each and every athlete should have the access to it too. My classes will explain the concept behind it couple with exercise/planning to bring the best out of each of them.

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