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NROC, NCAP3, 1st Aid Standard, Coaching Award, SEA Games, Asian Games, Certified Judge.

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Tan Mui Buay (Biography) Ms. Tan Mui Buay May, is a well-known player/teacher/instructor in the field of wushu, especially in Taijiquan, during the 1980s and 1990s. She is an ex-national as well as an ex-international player who has won numerous prestigious medals for Singapore in international competitions. Having moving to the back line since mid 1990s, she is currently in the work of promotion and spreading of martial arts knowledge and the training of new potential Wushu players and instructors. Throughout her ten years old as a competition athlete, she has maintained a leading position in the Taijiquan category. Among her most outstanding achievements was winning of the gold medal in the Taijiquan category in the 17th Southeast Asian Games in 1993, the bronze medal in the Hiroshima Asian Games in 1994 and the gold medal in the China, Beijing World Wushu Championship. In addition, she was given an Award of Merit by the Singapore Olympic Council ( in 1992, 1993 and 1994 and ranked as an elite-grade athlete by the Singapore Sports Council. She Is featured in the “Singapore Book of Record” for being the first Singaporean to win a medal at Asian Games (1993). Her success is a result of her deep dedication and devotion to the art of Wushu. Among these are her indomitable will, her unfailing persistence and strong determination to succeed. She has also been fortunate to receive meticulous instruction from several accomplished and well-known Taijiquan masters e.g. Grand Master Feng Zhi Qiang. In addition to Taijiquan, she has also studied other schools of Chinese boxing in order to complement and deepen her practice of Taijiquan. With more than a decade of competitive sport career coming to a close in 1998, it is the start of her active involvement in the promotion of Taijiquan as a sport and her commitment to nurture new blood. On the academic front, she has attained the Certificate of the National Coaching Accreditation Program (SSC-NCAP, Theory Level 3) in the same year. In 2001, she received her Diploma of Counselling and Communication from Applied Sport Psychology, Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP), in conjunction with the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) (This program was co-sponsored by the Singapore Sports Council and the Singapore National Wushu Federation). In 2004, she completed her Bachelor of Social Science (Aus-Sports Psychology) and become a qualified Sports Mental Skills Trainer. In year 2004, Her passion in wushu had also won her the Coach Recognition Awards in the “Talent Development Coaching Award” category by Singapore Sports Council. She is also the founder and chief instructor of Xin Ying Wushu Training Centre ( an active affiliation of Singapore National Wushu Federation (SNWF). She has been conducting lessons in wushu for Kids, Children, Adults and Taiji for all age group in Schools, Clubs, Tourists Agency and Corporate with the objective to promote healthy lifestyle. She has successfully trained numerous instructors to spread and promote the Wushu/Taiji art countrywide. Most of the instructors are ex-Singapore National Wushu national players & have won numerous prizes in International and National wushu competitions. Since year 2000, she was also invited to coach in Germany, Christmas Island Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia regularly. She is an executive member of Singapore National Wushu Federation in year 2005/06, International wushu judge, wushu examiner for wushu instructor (SNWF) and also the overall director of She can be reached at More info about her can be found at

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