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Mingshi Lee

"Believe in yourself ! Determination begets change !"





Pilates matwork, piloxing Instructor, standard first aid

Years of Teaching Experience



Mingshi is a dedicated and passionate Pilates instructor, practising it passionately and rigorously for 10 years and has strong beliefs in its benefits. She is a certified Pilates instructor in matwork, trained under Alvin Giam, the only Gold Certified Pilates Teacher certified by Pilates Method Alliance International in Asia region. As a firm believer in continuous upgrading, M.S. has attended Advanced Pilates workshops from Pilates experts such as Alan Herdman and Eric Franklin. Through Pilates, clients aim to achieve better body alignment, develop strong abdominal, back and buttock muscles and increase body flexibility for a toned and well-sculpted body. Mingshi conducts  classes with the use of pilates equipments (Magic rings, bands, foam rollers and weights) to enhance the workout.Mingshi is also a certified piloxing Instructor.

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