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Ng Tian Jun

"Consistency Is Key"


Dance Fitness


Fitness & Wellness



International Federation of Cheerleading Class 1 Coaching Certificate, AACCA Spirit Safety Certification

Years of Teaching Experience



Since 2010, TJ has been in the sport of cheerleading, training up numerous cheerleading teams and athletes. Passionate about cheerleading, TJ created his brand new cheerleading fitness program to allow cheerleaders and non-cheerleaders to get fit together as one CheerFit community. You can be part of our fitness community too! Come join our CheerFit family now for free as we workout together and burn those calories away, cheerleading style! Follow us on Facebook @CheerFitSG and on Instagram @CheerForceSG so you don't miss any of our workout when we go live! See you at our next CheerFit session!

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