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Nora Abdul

"Take care of yourself, watch your intake and stay happy."


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Nirvana Fitness Breathing Zumba Senior Stretch Band Freestyler Super Toning

Years of Teaching Experience



I am passionate about sport. I do enjoy trekking, running. I have worked with different organizations as a freelance certified fitness instructor for 1: Nirvana Fitness Breathing Fitness. 2: Zumba 3: Senior Stretch Band. 4: Freestyler. I'm passionate about getting people into shape, especially women who are above 30 years of age. I believe fitness is not just about looking good on the outside but also feeling great on the inside. All my classes are very up close and personal and I genuinely strive to help all my clients increase their quality of life through a healthy body and mind. My clients: Being an outdoor person, I conduct many of my training sessions in parks.

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