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Ong John Kgee

"To help other to develop and succeed in life is a reward itself and only has value when nothing is expected in return"


Traditional Taekwon-Do


Taekwon-Do Instructor, Hanmudo Instructor

Years of Teaching Experience



I'm an 5th degree black belt in ITF Taekwon-Do (International certified Instructor), grading examiner, PA trainer and NROC coach (National Registry of Coaches) in Singapore. I'm a former world championship medalist and actively participated in local and international competition and activities for Taekwon-Do events. I has more than 25 years experienced as Taekwon-do instructor in Malaysia and Singapore, and has been learning the original taekwon-do self-defense martial art for close to 33 years. I also have Korean traditional martial arts black belt holder in Hanmudo/Hapkido. Taekwon-Do offers realistic, practical, and efficient techniques for good self-defense. Training includes warm-up exercises, stretching, basic stance, fundamental movements, patterns, sparring and breaking. Participants are taught in groups based on level of competence and supervised by qualified and licensed instructors. There will be a 15-minute warm-up at the beginning of each training session. After the warm-up, there will be a 1 hour training session; the instructor(s) will demonstrate basic Taekwon-do techniques and participants will then partner each other to practice. After some basics, the instructor(s) may split the class up into the different grades to train related techniques. The instructor(s) will demonstrate and explain each movement and move among the participants to ensure proper technique and assist as necessary. At the end of the class, participants carry out a 15-minute breathing exercise. All-white training jacket and pants with belt is the basic attire for Taekwon-do. As beginners progress, they will change from white belt to various colored.

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