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Pauline Chow

"Slow the breath, still the mind and keep the body active"


Hatha Yoga



100hrs Advanced Hatha Yoga Instructor

Years of Teaching Experience



Hi, I am Pauline ,a Singaporean and for the most part of my life I am a full time mother of two. I have been practising yoga for half of my life. My practise is my saving grace as it has helped me through knee problem, my midlife crisis, depression, etc. Yes, yoga is not all about the stretch of the body but it is about keeping the balance in your daily life in check. I always tell my students, our modern daily life is all about a balancing act of mind body and breath. In my classes there are different levels of practitioners. Each will practise the same posture but in different intensity as I will be there to guide them to deepen their postures.. or not. We are made with slight difference in the body, as long as we respect that, we will be fine. So whether they are a beginner or well advanced into the practise, my students will always leave my classes with sufficient of stretch.

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