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Priscillia Chong

"Donêt let your mind bully your body."


Hatha Yoga


Power Yoga


Years of Teaching Experience



Priscillia was first introduced to Yoga/Pilates in 2007 after her second pregnancy whereby she experienced back pain. Through regular practice, her posture and core strength had improved and the pain in her lower back was gone. Realising the effects of Yoga and Pilates, she had resigned from her corporate job and started teaching ; her milestones include 200 hours of Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates Mat Work in 2015, 50 Hours of Yin Yoga in 2016, 65 Hours of Yin Yoga & yoga Nidra in 2018 and then 300 Hours of Advance Hatha Yoga in July 2019 (all of which were teaching training programmes which ensured she had become a certified teacher in both fields) Priscillia firmly believes that lessons learnt on the mat can be applied to our everyday life and that Yoga practice can ground us, help us focus and provide perspective when managing lifeês challenges. Her classes can cater to both beginners _ who want a solid foundation to build upon _ as well as experienced students who want to develop at a gentle pace. Priscillia encourages students to work at their own pace and offers them hands on assistance when required. Her goals as an instructor include that of mastering basic yoga poses which help build strength, increase flexibility, improve posture as well as stress relief. Despite her constant learning, Priscillia has her feet rooted firmly on the ground and believes that learning can never stop and is a continuous journey which requires assistance from her clients, masters and last but not least ; those that have helped nurture her along the way.

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