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Rasimah Ali

"Listen to your body, do your own pace and safety comes first. Importantly free your mind and let the body do the work."



KpopX Fitness




KpopX Fitness Instructor Cert, 4-in-1-Subprogram-E-Certificate (Dan-z Fitness Pte Ltd)

Years of Teaching Experience



I love music and Korean Pop music is my top favourite. KpopX Fitness is a new generation fast growing fitness workout based on popular Korean Pop Songs. It is a unique fitness which you certainly can relate to. Not only you will be enjoying the music and dance. You will loose weight without even realising it. Delivering high energy and sweat will not be completed without a smile, fun and humor and yet deliver intermittent intensity to push to their limits and yet still enjoy their workout fitness. I ensure that members feel energized and sweat and make their journey worth the destination.

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