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Sandra Lee

"Be Lean, Powerful, Strong and Flexible!"



Dance Fitness

Abs, Buns and Thighs

Body Sculpt

Fitness & Wellness





CSTD dance certificates, Dance Horizon Ballet Certificate

Years of Teaching Experience



Free Movement™ Solutions classes offers a total body workout that combines, dance, fitness, music and technology to have you moving towards achieving a lean, powerful, strong and flexible body. Reach your peak state every single day so you have boundless energy to pursue what you love in life! We promise we will change the way you move, with more results, more confidence and more life. Feel the emotional connection to the music, understand how to count the beats and remain injury-free. When you hear music you love next time, start grooving to it and lose some calories! Have an open dialogue with our instructors, build on self-awareness and ensure proper recovery after every class by hydrating and stretching. Our classes are offered to adults and mature kids. Available In-Studio and On-Demand.

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