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Shivanantham Sivam

"Live Life to the Fullest and the Foundation of all is your Health which is the greatest Wealth."


Hatha Yoga



Yoga Therapist, Instructor of Yoga, Teacher of Yoga, Yoga Coach Lvl 1, Yoga Coach Lvl 2, Basic Exercise Instructor

Years of Teaching Experience



My name is Shivan and I am practising and teaching Yoga for the past 20 yrs. I specialise in Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga , Slimming Yoga, Sleep Therapy Yoga, Pranayama , Concentration and Meditation Techniques. My interests are always being close with nature by hiking, trekking, listening to Birds Chirping, Sounds of Winds and Water Falls. Watching the Sun Rise and Sun Set. The Clear Blue Sky and Dark Clouds before the Rain. Sparkling Stars on a Dark Night. Ocean Waves on a Bright day light and Full Moon Light. Tall Trees and their Canopies as you pass through the forest trails. Nature and this Creation is diverse as the list goes on and on so sweet and never ending.

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