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Stanley Neo

"The Distance Between Your Dream and Reality is called Action"


Fitness & Wellness


FISAF Certified Personal Trainer, NCAP Level 1 Technical - Silat/TaeKwonDo Coach, IKF Certified Kickboxing Trainer Level 2, Certified TRX Trainer, Certified Standard First Aid (CPR/AED), NCAP Level 1 Theory

Years of Teaching Experience



Training tailored towards client's needs, be it weight loss, muscle tone, strength training. Our training concept motivates you to embrace fitness as a lifestyle, fitness that you can have anywhere and anytime, we will show you how to train without weights, equipment, or expensive gym memberships, and still achieve similar results. Our ultimate goal is to provide clients with fitness autonomy, ie: to achieve fitness without being dependent on subscribed resources other than those already available to you 😁

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