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Teik Chin Tan

"Making Taijiquan Simply Fun and Truly Beneficial!"





Degree in Science, Lao Liu Lu (Old Six Set) Taijquan Instructor Certification, Hanyang Ruyi Qigong Instructor Certification

Years of Teaching Experience



I am a retired corporate senior executive with a strong biochemical and Chinese language background. I practiced Kyokushinkai Karate during secondary school years, and switched to practicing Yang style Taijiquan since varsity days. In the past 6 years, I have studied Yang Style Lao Liu Lu Taiji under Masters Ian Goh (Malaysia) and Lim Hoy Pick (Singapore), both direct disciple of the late Grandmaster Li He Sheng (China), as well as Wu Style Taiji from Master Professor Huang Weihong of NTU. I have since 2020 been coaching the heritage (Old Six Set) of Yang Style Taijiquan at the Botanical Gardens, sharing the art with some 15 senior citizen Taiji enthusiasts, focusing on helping the practitioners to understand the science and correct posturing + application in the practice of Taijiquan. All my students are appreciative of my contemporary teaching methodology and layman scientific explanations in helping them to grasp and comprehend complex Taiji theories and principles of Taijiquan practice, thereby enabling them to enjoy and gain the desired health benefits in their practice.

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