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Vanessa Caneda

"Love what you do and what you do will love you back over and over again!"


Jumping Fitness


Jumping Fitness Basic Diploma, Standard First Aid & CPR + AED Certification, Les Mills Bodypump Trainer Certification, NCSF Personal Trainer Certification

Years of Teaching Experience



Vanessa is a musician at heart and an educator at work. While she values the power of music and takes pride in ensuring that her choreography matches the music she chose; she also believes in helping her jumpers develop proper jumping techniques and work towards better performance. Her artistic flair also never fails to pleasantly surprise her jumpers all the time! She is so zealous and passionate about jumping that some might think “she eats, sleeps and breathe jumping!”. Besides imparting correct techniques, Vanessa’s jumping classes also incorporate activities that focus on the skills-related components: endurance, power, strength, balance, agility and speed. Her constant interaction with her jumpers not only allows her to build strong friendships with them but also aids her to better cater the classes to their needs. Vanessa started jumping in 2017 because she wanted to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. She wanted to take charge of her life and be a positive change to the people around her. She started working out at her heaviest weighing 82kg. While she also engaged in other fitness modalities, jumping fitness played a vital part in her astounding transformations. If you want to hear more about her life’s transformations, join her at any of her classes.

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