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Vincent Loo

"Be Better. Fitness for Everyday People."


Fitness & Wellness

Fitness Bootcamp


Standard First Aid + AED provider, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Years of Teaching Experience



Hi, my name is Vincent and I am a coach at Faculty of Functional Fitness (@facfunfit). I conduct classes that focus on functional exercises and movements that you can do comfortably in your own home. These movements are not only effective as a means of exercise that can help you pack on lean muscle or lean fat, but it also focuses on movement patterns that are done in real life, which results in improvements in daily living, as well as working and getting rid of aches and pains that might arise from activities and bad habits of a modern lifestyle. It is suitable for all ages and fitness backgrounds, as you will be going at your own pace and all exercises can be scaled, meaning it can be made easier or harder depending on you. Unlike other classes where it might just be a follow along class, we at Faculty of Functional Fitness believe in the importance of teaching and not just leading a class. So we will introduce the movements for the days workout, and watch your movements and correct you as you go along, reducing the chances of injury and making sure you do the exercise properly and hitting the muscles as the movements were intended to.

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